28 Feb 2006

The Animal Kingdom

If I could hold my hand up and say there was one park where I would have no problem choosing the music (which incidentally is half the battle when editing these films together) I would have to say that the AK was quite easy. In fact I even came out of the show and headed to a kiosk in the sweltering heat and managed to buy a CD that hadn't melted. I already knew as soon as I bought it exactly how this park's film was going to pan out. We also had some luck being the first in to the park to get good views of the opening ceremony. The park does not lend itself to much filming however, unless you can get a great wide angled lense on. The pathways and trees, so well designed make it dificult to get good panoramic shots of the park hence the fact that this film is more show orientated. I decided not to film any Everest construction photos. By the time you read this soft openings will be in full swing anyway and this park will now have a big E ticket draw (I need to keep fingers crossed for some cheap flights for Oct) which hopefully will take some pressure off the MK at peak times. The only problem is, this park struggles anyway at peak times as it is, so here's hoping it balances out.

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