3 Mar 2006

Soarin over California Christmas 05
Part 1
We have just finished putting the final touches to this video. Jackie has been burning the midnight oil reviewing the rough clips before she came upon the idea of having two videos to cover Disney. One that would be based around the E ticket shows of each park, namely Fantasmic and Aladdin and another that would be a kind of tour of the parks. On this trip I lost a day of filming due to having to rest due to illness, which meant I had less coverage than I would normally like to have. This video therefore is a gentle introduction to the two contrasting parks in California. I have to admit there is something very special about the California MK. Despite its diminutive size, once you enter the gates it really is like entering a whole new world metres away from the freeway. There is also an added feeling as you stand in the town square and look up at the apartment above the fire station that this is the original home of Disney. I particularly like the lightness of touch and scale here on Main Street and the grand old buildings of New Orleans square, this has to be the best looking area in any Disney Park. We flew into LAX on a KLM flight. On our final day as we enjoyed a meal in the Encounters restaurant in the middle of the airports parallel runways we managed to get some footage of our outbound plane arriving on a wet New Years eve, just shows what juggling the footage around can achieve as this scene now opens the video, quite apt when you consider the music.With regard to the music the track has quite high dynamics so you may need to notch up the volume a touch. Subwoofers and a good set of speakers will help get this music across as the composer intended.

Danny and Jackie


Susan said...

This is gorgeous. No doubt it helps to have precious images and grand music to work with, but you've managed to mix them all together in such a way that the total is so very much more than just the sum of the parts. You didn't just make a record of what you saw, you've created a film that interprets the things you saw and gives us a sense of how it all made you fell. Evoked those warm, happy feelings I get when I remember that wonderful place exists even when I'm not there. Congratulations to the Collison Documentary Production Co. No pressure, but I am sitting here waiting for Part II.

Dirk said...

Thanks for sharing yoru Videos. Your work almost gives me the satisfaction of being there!

The score for Soarin' was a great choice, and I really loved the shot of the two turtles together from the Electric Parade. I can't wait to see what you do with Fantasmic and Aladdin.

Kevin Stringer said...

Another tremendous video.
I am learning a lot about video editing from watching them. Lots of cuts and fades, not too many transitions. Just the right length for each clip, not too short so you don't have time to see what's going on or too long so you get bored (as if you could in DL).
Lokking forward tremendously to part 2.

Charles said...

I was going to ask if you two work for the disney corp, then it dawned on me.. Disney wouldnt make such a good job of it...

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