1 Mar 2006

We spent quite a lot of time in Epcot as it was the food and wine festival, which may explain why I am in the videos more and Jackie is behind the camera filming. This has to be one of my favourite events that Disney puts on. The food was fantastic and the wine flowing. Again it was a hot sometimes unbearably sunny day which was interupted by moments of pure hot sticky greyness. I was determined here to make a film which pulled together the two parts of Epcot, the excitement of future world and the laid back feel of the World Showcase. In doing this I started with setting the pace with some music. I had just been to see REM at a concert in Manchester the previous summer and remembered that there "Orange Crush" song from the "Green" album had really lifted the crowd into a mass of excitement. The first few snares and the pounding bass produce an energy that was to suit the editing style for this film, plus the song is so melodic and full of harmony's I knew, from the footage I had, I might get away with some cheeky tricks. Once again there's no linear order to the footage just a remembrance of a fantastic time at Epcot and how exciting and visceral the park can be.

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What a great image! This is great blog!


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