2 Mar 2006

Universal I.O.A and Studios
I had a couple of Emails asking me about the Universal Video so I decided to give it some space on the blog in much the same way as I have included Sea World. This video was a much more relaxed affair to shoot as we didnt have as many time constraints(We even made it into the pool for 30mins before getting bored and going back to the parks). We were staying in the Royal Pacific Resort which meant we had front of the line access which was a bonus, incidently we lost our room keys and passes after riding dueling dragons on the front row so I don't recommend the Universal neck wallets to display your key/FOTL pass. I decided to try to get Jackie to dance to the music in the parks a couple of times knowing I could perhaps intergratethose scenes with the music I would dub into the video, this does help to give another dimension to the finished article. If I had known I was going to use U2s vertigo at the time maybe I would have had a go at miming the chorus (correction I would get Jackie to mime as she probably would look more at ease than me..lol). If you want to see an example of this done well check out Robb Alveys video of the opening of the Hades coaster on the Theme Park Review site. I mixed the two parks up and experimented with some fast jump cutting in this for the first time which helped when it came to the Epcot video.

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