10 Aug 2007

Dining away from Disney

Let's face it, there does seem to be a limit in Disneyland California as to how many places it's possible to eat in DLCA or Downtown Disney CA before the "I am an adult, not an alcoholic" raises its head. Why not look at the success they have had with the better eating venues in DLP ( can you imagine a Frenchman or for that matter anyone in any civilised country allowing you to beautiful food and then refusing you the delight of a matching glass of wine)

So based on that lets look at some initial options for the next Californian trip. I'm ruling out the Californian Adventure options, I was unimpressed by the Vineyard last time and it is not a place that entices me back in the winter months to its outdoor inadequately heated terraces. So I want to look further afield this year even though Catal and the Napa Rose are definites.

One restaurant has struck me as worth checking out, nothing certain yet, but I think its very high up on the list. It looks nicely independent, a bit quirky in a pulp fiction sort of way and just a short taxi drive away in Stanton.


One thing's for sure, if we do check it, we will be certain to share our views here.

9 Aug 2007

An update

The problem with blogs is that they either go wrong, become neglected or simply die under their own weight of information. This blog suffered all three. I'm going to try to update it however.

Whats been happening..

Health wise .. Not that great, things looked promising with the trip to Glasgow but surgery has been ruled out due to the location the surgeon would have to have been entering the brain. Put simply it's too near the hearing and vocal areas to take any risks so its a big no. On the plus side we now know where the problem is so in the future who knows.
Jackie and Markee music/guitars Kosheen

Music wise.. some great concerts over April and May with Kosheen rocking out the Academy Manchester, Marillion going down an absolute storm in Leeds with possibly the concert of the year so far and a fun gig by the Pet Shop Boys at the Apollo. Kosheen and Marillion return to the stage in September and November this year for more.

Holidays, as I mentioned, quite a lot to update including more California, two more trips to WDW Florida and DLP. I will include some fantastic restaurant reports as soon as I can.

The first priority has to be getting the video archives corrected so that they will play properly from this site regardless of what browser you're using. Hopefully the first trial of that will go up today.

Rush MEN Arena on the last tour

Future plans.. Quite a lot really now the house extension is finished.. Quick trip down (by air)to the Headland Hotel in Newquay for some fine food courtesy of Rick Stein (report to follow). Then finally Rush reappear on these shows to hopefully give us a concert to remember, this time however we will be following them over to Amsterdam for the gigs at Rotterdam Arena as well so another nice break there.

Spot of indulgence in November satisfying two of my loves (Disney and all things aviation). A trip back to Disneyland California followed by a stopover for a few more days on the way back in Vegas, timed to coincide with the Nellis AFB 60th anniversary air show http://aviationnation.org/ , can't wait as we've booked a suite at the MGM Signature so I'm not sure we will actually get out of the rooms. http://www.signaturemgmgrand.com/Suites/One-Bedroom.aspx

Ok below is the first test video.. .

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