6 Mar 2006

A Californian Fantasmic 05

This video was shot in Disneyland California on Boxing Day 2005. Despite capacity crowds I was impressed by the park’s sit down policy, which gave everyone a nice clear view.
The original California show has a couple of major differences to the Florida remix and not just in the score. Not only do you get the mighty Peter Pan sequence on the beautiful Columbia tea clipper and the full compliment of characters aboard the Mark Twain, but also the setting is on the Magic Kingdom’s lake.
The original plan whilst shooting this video was to shoot the highlights of the show over two nights. However this could not be done due to illness.
I have stuck to my original plan and with some careful re editing and reframing of shots managed to put together what I envisaged.

P.S. We seem to have a Mickey who loves to rock out big style at the end of the show. Enjoy.

Danny and Jackie.

Part 1

Part 2


Susan said...

Your Fantasmic video is wonderful. Just incredibly good. You've managed to retain the essence of the show while at the same time condensing the program to best use the footage you managed to get in that single performance. My word, if this was only half of what you intended to film, what would you have created if you'd filmed both nights?!! I can hardly believe you got this with one camera in a single performance. I'd swear you had coverage throughout, but especially during the Peter Pan sequence. Your music cuts are amazing. The flow of the edited program is sooooo good. This really works. Hooray for another spectacular DANNY & JACKIE PRODUCTION.

Danny and Jackie said...

It was quite a tricky job.. I filmed most segments continuously reframing on the fly by zooming in and out. I then cut out the horrible fast zooms and replaced them with cuts and transitions etc. The problem is every time you cut the zoom part out your going out of sync with the music so I had to choose areas where I could slow frames down to keep in sync.. I left the climatic end section relatively untouched as there is so much happening visually that ties into the music..


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