2 Mar 2006

Disneyland California update
Just a quick update today. All the files and footage are now on the hard drive and some rough editing is in place. I have not yet decided on the pace and feel for this video though yet. After experimenting with a faster pace I have now (at least for the moment, anything can change) decided to keep it more based around some of the parks themes. I`ll have an experiment and see how it works out. We spent last night watching some of the rough Fantasmic footage, we love the show in this park, it's where we first saw it when it premiered and it feels so much more intimate yet large scale at the same time compared to the Florida version, the music is much more cohesive as well. Its hard though trying to find music that ties into California Adventure and the Magic Kingdom as the parks are so different (Im pretty sure I'll be doing one longish film rather than a film for each). Anyway back to the editing desk.

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