8 Mar 2006

Fantasmic dining at the Brown Derby
There's a new entry on the dining pages tonight, showing the delights of the Brown Derby's Fantasmic Dinner Package. Click below for the article or use the dining link on the left. I will have part two of the California videos on stream later, this will be showing some familiar sights as well as taking you to Universal Studios, Six Flags Magic Mountain and the iconic Disney re-imagineered Encounters restaurant at LAX.

    deano1212 said...


    just wanted to ask how nice was that lamb??? looks lovely. We have watched your videos, what software do you use to edit them???

    Danny and Jackie said...

    In a word "very".. Extremely tender and rare.

    I use Ulead Videostudio 9.1

    Susan said...

    HALLELUIAH!!! A glowing review of one of my favorite Disney restaurants. Love the place. Love the food. I'm always surprised to read in a trip report that someone was disappointed with the Brown Derby and wonder what it was that they were expecting--TGIFriday's or Golden Corral?! For goodness sake, the Brown Derby is a replica of a legendary Hollywood eatery. Lunch or dinner, always fabulous. BTW, Dan and Jackie, I've learned not to read your restaurant reviews without a snack in hand.

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