31 Mar 2006

Phantom Manor DLP Video

Phantom Manor DLP
Welcome foolish mortals, todays gruesome update is a new video, a ride through, of DLP Phantom Manor. Its not a fully detailed report examining every piece of wallpaper (We do sometimes enjoy riding and soaking up a ride/show without a camera in hand you know) but a little trip to give you just enough feel and atmosphere to remind you and make you want to hurray back (shouldn't Disney pay me for that). Some notes and thanks. When Disneyland Paris opened their dark ride, Phantom Manor, in the early 1990s they had a Vincent Price voice-over as the Phantom. However, French policies indicated that the narration in the beginning of the ride must be in French, so Vincent's English narration was discarded, and Gerard Chevalier got the job as the new 'Phantom.' However, we only hear his voice in the beginning, as Vincent's demonic laughter is still heard throughout the rest of the ride. TY to Imdb for that info and a big TY to The Sound of Magics archive section for the sound edits. Note how in this video we get to see a fleeting glance of Dans pin hat which is slowly getting heavier after each trip. The big win this year being a LE Stitch St Patricks day pin.

    Anonymous said...

    Very much enjoyed this video D&J. It's great to see the differences between the Mansions/Manors.
    The one in DLP looks a little more modern (obviously I suppose) in style than WDW or DL.
    You are building up quite a collection of videos now. They will be fun to look back on in years to come.


    Susan said...

    Intriquing glimpses of the Manor, just enough to let us see there are similarities and differences between the Manor and the Mansions. What excellent matching of music and narration to the footage. Your brief cameo appearances at the beginning were right in character and very creepy. Of course, I mean that in the nicest possible way.

    caroline said...

    Hi Danny and Jackie,
    Just to say how much I have enjoyed your videos,they have been a pleasure to watch.Its great to see that you have such a good time, you seem just like me and my husband Adam as we love Disney too!We got married in Disneyworld Florida in 2004 with Mickey and Minnie at our wedding!I look forward to more great videos!!Caroline xx

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