14 Mar 2006

The V&A Restaurant at the Grand Floridian
Another restaurant review today to please all the foodies. This one is from our Christmas 04/05 trip and is lavishly illustrated so don't even think of looking on an empty stomach.We visited the V&A at the end of our Christmas to New Year trip and what a perfect conclusion to a wonderful holiday.
We must thank Susan for pointing out that the comments links have not been working, hopefully we have fixed this. If you're looking for any of the videos remember you can just scroll down the page to a video link or use the archives or previous post links to the right.

    Anonymous said...

    could you point me in the direction where to find the video for last years north west dibb meet??

    Many thanks

    Danny and Jackie said...

    Return to the Homepage of the blog using the link on the right and you will now find I have added a link :)

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