13 Sep 2007

TR Newquay Day 1

We spent the morning of departure passing the time reading Kevins latest trip reports from his last trip. I should have known better than to find his departure story so amusing (well he shouldn't write such funny TRs.) Suffice to say we spent the same amount of time as the flight takes to get from Manchester to Newquay just sat on the tarmac at Manchester whilst a variety of people came on board thumbing through manuals the size of the Encyclopedia Britannia whilst sat on the floor outside the cockpit. Eventually the "technical problem" was solved (presumably they turned it off and turned it on again) and we were on our way. A strange flight (50mins)you climb to 28000ft get a drink and then descend, my first landing whilst still clutching a beer that had only been served to me a few minutes previously. Its a beautiful day and the taxi is waiting for us, driving us straight to the Headland Hotel. I forget until I see it just how much I miss the sea, it looks beautiful here. Check in and check out the room which looks directly out along the headland and has views of the sea on either side. I'm not convinced by the latest addition to the Headland Hotels grounds, a group of self catering cottages they have added, designed like a small village they seem to have the design qualities of a small council estate in the bright sunlight, perhaps they will look better in the dark. Unpack and go straight out and walk to the top of the headland, then follow the coastal path back around to the harbour to check out the restaurant we have booked for lunch tomorrow. (Can you see food is on the mind already)

Newquay Harbour

Return to the Hotel for a quick shower and dress for dinner. The Hotel gives a choice of two Dining Rooms , a slightly more formal restaurant or a brasserie. We opt for the first which has splendid views out over Fistral Beach where surfers are still out catching the late evening waves in the setting sun. Food is gorgeous and all produce is locally sourced from the area. Lobster Thermidor for Jackie which is served with scallops just to make sure your Newquay Shellfish experience starts off with a bang. I order scallops on a bed of spinach cooked in saffron butter to start and follow it with two lovely pieces of Turbot in a broth of asparagus, tomato and saffron potatoes. Both dishes are wonderful though I feel I have had a slight saffron overdose (must read the menus more carefully next time). All this is washed down with a crisp Macon Villages and I finish with an excessive amount of Cornish cheese whilst Jackie plumps for the profiteroles.

The Headland Hotel from Fistral Beach

Anyway all thoughts of the slight delay this morning are banished from our heads. Can't wait for the morning.

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