23 Nov 2007

Los Angeles and Las Vegas - Day 4

Did I mention a few days ago how my patience with air travel is running out. Well here we go again. After dropping the car off at the rental depot at LAX we boarded the shuttle bus, the driver stopping on the way to hand out a pre packed lunch to a homeless gentleman sleeping among his shopping trolleys in a bus stop in Inglewood.
We are just about to check in when the whole airport terminal is evacuated. I don't have a problem with being evacuated for security risks but I object to not being informed about what's going on whilst being left to bake on the pavement two yards from the same terminal. It also gets my goat to then see the same security personnel wandering up and down the deserted terminal, laughing and joking with each other and generally acting like children who have the whole playground to themselves. After almost an hour more and more people build up outside we are admitted back in to scenes of utter chaos as the system fails to cope with so many people trying to check in at once. Its an absolute farce worthy of a third world country.

The flight to Vegas is quick and easy and after collecting our bags we grab a taxi to the MGM Signature buildings. We have a suite here for the next few days and it can only be described as grandiose, magnificent and elevated, especially as it's on the penthouse level. Our separate bedroom is a corner room with floor to ceiling windows; one side giving fantastic views of the mountains and the other the strip itself. Though I could probably get in the jacuzzi in one of the bathrooms right now and go to sleep we head out for a walk up the strip.

We have been to Vegas some three times before usually for no more than 2 days and I have to say that has always been enough. Even though there are some new fancy looking hotels now it only takes a few minutes to peek inside them to realise they are exactly the same as anything else you have already seen. A dim smoke filled casino does not interest me and the same boutique shops selling the same goods. It keeps popping in my head we could be either watching Fantasmic in an hour or riding Indiana Jones again and I have to remind myself we are here for the airshow tomorrow at Nellis otherwise I think we would get on the next plane back to Anaheim. We also have some great restaurants booked (we hope) starting with Sea Blue in the MGM.

After buying some bread to make a quick breakfast with in the morning we head back to change for dinner. The Sea Blue is nicely placed for us from our tower because the restaurants in the MGM are all placed near where the walkway connects the MGM signature towers to the MGM main hotel complex. We check in at the podium and are seated immediately. Full review to appear in the Restaurant Section Soon.

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Your room sounds divine

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