18 Mar 2009


The sun came out today so it was a great opportunity to get some photos. The subjects are the local town hall and the view from the new deck in the garden. Both should expand with a simple click on the pictures.

Now its time to get ready to face the flight to Shanghai. The plan is (take a deep breath) to start in London, watch Wicked again as a treat, fly to Shanghai for a couple of days, get the train to Suzhou, head north to Beijing for a few days then go to X'ian followed by Chengdu and Sichuan then move to Guilin and finally end up in Hong Kong for a more relaxing break. I'm sure I have missed something out..

1 comment:

Susan Yates said...

Gorgeous photos of lovely places.

Am imagining you in China right now and trusting you are having fun and adventures enough for us all.

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