9 Jun 2009

New York, Los Angeles, Burnley

Eddie Izzard arrived at the teeny weeny Burnley Mechanics after his dates in the States to try out some new material before his UK Arena tour this autumn. Tkts were like diamonds but we managed to get enough to also take along our niece and nephew as a surprise present. Greeted like a rock star he started his performance late at night at 10.30pm leading most to believe he would just perform an hours worth of new material to test the water on a new crowd. However he went on to perform a full brilliant show.
A football team newly promoted to the Premiership: Eddie Izzard at the Mechanics and yesterday Marillion announce the Mechanics as a venue for this Autumns unplugged tour. We are half expecting Madonna to announce dates here next week!

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Susan Yates said...

Checking for China report as I do every now and then (trying to wait patiently) and found this surprising report. China--a bit envious. DLP--also a bit envious. Eddie Izzard--I'm REALLY envious. Love that guy, stand up or acting. "The Riches" is at the top of my list of funniest TV series ever. How fun. What's the venue size? Were you close to the stage?

Still watching for China.

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