29 Oct 2009

Florida WDW - Oct 09 - Day 2

We are up early and ready for the first day, the weather whilst clear is not exactly promising much heat today due to a prevailing wind from the North drawing cold air down, this should improve in the next day or two according to the weather girl who clearly isn't doing her bit for the ozone layer as her mountain of blond hair never moves a millimetre no matter how much she shakes or turns her head. We are having breakfast in the Artist Palette just after 7.00am. I am making an assumption here but I am guessing they expect most guests actually use the kitchens in the rooms for breakfast at the Saratoga Springs.(do these people realise they're on holiday?); not only is the breakfast room pretty deserted compared to other resorts but the choice is not quite as good as say Port Orleans or even the All Star Resorts. In the end I settle for a cheese omlette and Jackie takes the large Mickey Waffle but it comes sadly for her without the strawberry sauce it is usually served with elsewhere.

It's possible to pick a bus up a short walk from the breakfast room so soon we are heading towards the Studios in time for opening. Most of the conversation on the bus turns to the weather or the snow and storms people have left behind from the more northern states. I'm always a junkie on the bus for observing all the different sociology and human nature that goes on around you; it helps pass the time especially as the bus drivers seem to have an amazing ability to find the longest and never the same way twice route to the parks.

We are held up as we go in for the opening ceremony on Hollywood Blvd but soon we are heading straight down Sunset Blvd for Rock n Roller Coaster and FP followed by ToT and more FPs. Its actually rather quiet today so it doesn't take us to long to amass a few FPs as we choose not to use them on ToT as the Q's are not having any effect just yet and the FP windows are staying nice and low. Slowly it starts to warm up a little as the sun finally climbs up and its time to start glancing at the schedule. Just before we left and we planned our days I was disappointed to notice what had happened to Fantasmic; it was actually only showing on two days a week for the time we were here according to Disney's Calender. Looking at the schedule today it looks like common sense has prevailed; not only is it on every day of the week but its showing twice a night on most nights. Next we visit some old favourites including the Little Mermaid which we decide to see again later as we end up too near the front which never seems to be a great place to see it from and then the Great Movie Ride for a little nostalgia.

Lunch is a simple affair today at the ABC Commissary but its tasty enough washed down with some Sutters Zinfandel. I think we mixed between the Fish and Chips/Fries and the Chicken Curry with rice, followed by Strawberry Parfait and Chocolate Mousse. For Counter food it's not too bad and does what it says on the tin. The wine obviously makes it taste just that little bit better . Then it's time to use up more FPs on ToT and RnR again in between seeing Beauty and the Beast. You can probably see a theme here, eat a meal then ride coasters. I can only assume we are either mad or have very solid digestive systems. We also start to watch the High School Musical show but its now HSM3 (Was there a 2 or did I blink?) and as Jackie knows none of these songs and can therefore no longer be an active part of the show whether they want her or not we give it a miss

In the Afternoon we waste a little time on the 'backyard' tour, which is getting a little long in the tooth now apart from it's one climax but at least you get to sit down for a while, then we head over for the last show of Indiana Jones passing some rather tiny Jedi recruits giving Vadar a hard time on the way. Indy never changes but it's always good fun, though I am starting now to slightly regret the decision to cut weight and baggage by only deciding to bring one camera lens and body on this trip. I decided on the 10-20mm to give me some different/unusual options but its at times like this a fast 300mm would be more comfortable.

Then it's time to head back to the room have a quick rest, get changed and head back out to Narcoossees for dinner tonight at seven thirty. Its a Halloween night at MK tonight I notice but hopefully we should not look too much like the walking dead.

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Susan Yates said...

Great seeing this report on your blog and so soon after the trip. You two have mastered, better than anyone else I know, the blending of very different park going styles--you do multiple rides and cover a park with carefully calculated precision while at the same time slowing down to enjoy meals whether they are at the counter service Commissary or the decidedly more fine dining Narcoossee's. Once again, well done.

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