3 Nov 2010

Albert Hall - Porcupine Tree

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Highlight of the incident tour this was indeed a special place to see Porcupine Tree close this tour. Its rather odd though, as great as the gig was Porcupine Tree always feel better to me in a smaller venue and they did not seem to make this appearance at such a special venue operatic or special enough in the way I feel Opeth managed it a few months ago (which is odd as I consider myself a lot less a regular listener of Opeths music than I do Porcupine Trees). I think Opeth nailed it on the head by playing an entire album and making it an epic event in such grand surroundings.

Porcupine Tree felt on reflection to much like "an evening with" and the pacing was a little unsettled. That's not to say it was not enjoyable, I just wish they had made more of it.

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