10 Mar 2006

Dinner at Jiko's AKL
Another foodie update today you will be pleased to see. I have once again illustrated this with some lovely food photos and included the price. One thing I have not mentioned is our transportation arrangements between our base, Disney's Port Orleans Riverside and the restaurants. We used Disney's transportation if the hotel could be easily reached from the TTC for example Narcoossee's. The rest of the time we took taxis which on average cost $20 each way, remember WDW is a big place. So remember to budget for this.
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    Susan said...

    Sorry your dinner at Jiko was somewhat disappointing, but appreciate your honest appraisal. My one experience there was very good. I guess the only way to know that a first impression of a restaurant is true--good or bad--is to try it a second time (and a third and a fourth . . . !) However, at those prices you want to be reasonably sure that you'll get something you'll enjoy eating. If it's any assurance in regards to giving Jiko another go, I plan to eat there again the first chance I get!

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