11 Mar 2006

Walts restaurant DLP
Have just come off the phone this morning after a smooth and painless experience booking all our dining reservations for next week. The first choice has been one of our favourites "Walts" which is on Main street, the restaurant is upstairs and has several intimate rooms all with a different style of decor. Last time we were there it was Christmas and you could look down on main street as snow gently fell every half hour, in true Disney style.
Our other choices are Blue Lagoon(similar to Blue Bayou in DL),Inventions in the Disneyland hotel, Silver Spur in Frontierland, Manhattan in the New York hotel, and California Grill, again in the Disneyland Hotel. We have as usual chosen full table service restaurants for that long well earned break, with the added pleasure of knowing one can enjoy a beautiful bottle of wine to compliment the meal in the French park. Can not wait to start writing the reviews.
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