12 Mar 2006

Narcoossees food review
We're a little unfamiliar with the GF resort but finally found Narcoossees with help from a CM. Our timing couldn't have been more perfect, on arrival the lights dimmed and we all trooped outside to see the vintage Water Pageant which we had never seen before, it's so adorable. Then Disney's famous Wishes show took to the skies. Music is piped onto Narcoossees deck area to provide a delightful pre dinner showing.

    Susan said...

    Uh-oh, J & D, I left a comment about this excellent review this morning and it's not here! This is the second time in two days that this has happened--I've posted a comment and received a confirming message, but then the comment never appeared. Makes me wonder if other readers have sent comments that have evaporated during the posting process.

    Danny and Jackie said...

    Thanks Susan.. I have fixed it now..fingers crossed

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