27 Mar 2006

DLP Castle by night
A little update today. We are part way through the editing of the first video for DLP. This has taken a little longer because there are a couple of key things that required suitable music, namely the St Patricks day celebrations. I also have a hospital appointment today so I have been preparing myself for that as well, its been a little on my mind as it has approached, hence the lack of updates. Anyway hopefully this week we will have a short video ready and will get all the DLP restaurant reports uploaded.
The picture above is Jackies handywork, I took four attempts at this long exposure of the castle but the evening chill caused my hands to shake everytime. Jackie got it in one, with a little help from the railings in Discoveryland and her big thick pink gloves. Au revoir Danny and Jackie.
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    Susan said...

    Romantic, evocative picture of the castle. Well done, Jackie. Fingers crossed for good news at your appointment, Dan.

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