28 Mar 2006

St Patrick's Day Disneyland Paris
Have a look at our Chip & Dale try Irish dancing extravaganza, including a special pre parade for St Patricks day. We were very fortunate over these few days to be given clear bright blue skies with no rain whatsover. However it was cold, so if your wondering why some shots are not quite as steady as normal, especially in the close ups, you have our excuse already.This video is slightly different than our normal style as it concentrates a little more on the parade and the special St Patricks day events. This is the first of our Paris videos...more coming soon. Dont forget to leave a comment
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    Susan said...

    I'm always impressed by the stamina of step dancers, however I'm absolutely amazed watching Chip and Dale(with limited range of vision and wearing 50 pound of chipmunk fur)keeping up with the choreography while staying off the toes of the other dancers. Jackie, you have the moves and the hair, all you lacked was the costume to fit right in.

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