31 Aug 2006

Looking Back

A look back in time

Currently having a great time with some software and my new scanner that's allowing me to restore my negatives back to their original quality. I noticed recently how all my prints before the advent of digital cameras were starting to get into a shocking condition, fading and rotting away in some cases; and it's slightly defeating the object if I just scan the print, no amount of digital trickery can get rid of the worst of the mess without adding its own layer of noise to the image.

This system allows me to simply feed in the original negatives and create new copies inside the computer. Im doing it at the most basic of resolutions to start with so bear with me, but its already interesting to see how things have changed for better or worse. Spaceship Earth I think looks so much better without the clutter of scaffolding supporting Mickeys arm surrounding it.

1 comment:

Simon said...

Loved the additions to the videos. Keep up the good work.

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