21 Aug 2006

Dibb Meet: North West 2006

NW Dibb meet Blackpool 2006
So here's the video from yesterday's event in Blackpool. The weather held for us and I think we can agree a great time was had by all. Thanks to Anne for organising again and thanks to all of us for turning up and making it a great occasion.
I have been wanting to use this music for a while because its high octane, making it easy to edit to, so I can get the results out fast. Its quite apt as well as it was quite a mission trying to get the names to the faces, especially for someone with my memory. Anyway I was all set to publish earlier and Jackie has just corrected all my mistakes.
If I have a roll on the floor laughing moment it has to be between Judy clinging on to the steeplechase for dear life and Steve (mapmans) well or ill timed wave (I laugh thinking of that now).
It's so nice to have met you all and we had such a lovely time, again, can't wait to do it all again.
Danny and Jackie

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