1 Oct 2007

Kosheen September Manchester Academy

The weeked we returned from Newquay, Kosheen took to the road again to promote the new album "Damage". This in itself was quite strange as the album was released all over Europe earlier in the year just before the previous tour. However due to frustrating legal reasons they could not release in the UK, though most people just imported a copy anyway. At the end of the last gig, in the smaller Academy 3, Sian announced they would be back in the autumn, so it was a real treat to have them for Academy seconds, this time in the larger hall 2. A longer set list, a much better support band called Rochelle and a stage with more room for the band and Sian to move all added up to an electric atmosphere. As usual a fantastic mix of songs, with more tracks now coming from the new album yet with room for all the classics. The band were as tight and polished as ever despite this being the opening show of the tour, with Sians voice being on top form and the better sound and acoustics of this larger room really helping us to hear Markees guitar playing with a clarity I had not heard on any previous show. Then again we were leaning on the monitors at the front of the stage.

It was a typical Kosheen crowd, excited and energetic giving back nothing but positive signals to the band throughout every song. Sian seems to lap up this energy and be totally inspired by it, always comfortable with her audience. My only criticsm is that after the Kokopelli tour we have lost the sight of Darren playing bass and now have him stuck at the rear of the stage on keyboard duties, which seems to detach him and the crowd from seeing his input into the music.

I'll leave you with the last video Kosheen produced earlier this year and the title track from the new album. Its time to go and start seriously planning the Amsterdam/Rotterdam trips where rock music will mix with culture and where unfortunately we will just miss Kosheen by a few days as they head into the European leg of this tour.

overkill directed by marcus sternberg:
shot in argentina & bristol dec 2006

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