24 Sep 2007

Lytham and the dunes

After the Newquay trip we are already missing the sight and smell of the sea. We had planned to do a little walking trip around Malham and the limestone paving, but the primeval urge to see the sea was too strong and we set off in the direction of Lytham St Annes. Our first spot is the dunes opposite the airport at Blackpool where our shoes soon fill with sand as we run down the hills as fast as possible in order to climb the next virgin sand hill. It's absolutely hilarious and good exercise as you seem to take two steps forward and three steps back as you sink up to your knees into the sugar sand. We then drove along the coast to Lytham and walked a little further. Newquay, however, it's not and by the time we got to Lytham the tide was so far out we may as well have been walking on the flats at Malham. In Newquay you know you can always stop in a beach side bar that's as continental, hip and cosmopolitan as anything in the South of France (as long as you avoid the town), here in Lytham a greasy spoon and a cup of weak tea seem to be the only things on offer. Oh well we can't be spoilt every week. Anyway loads to look forward to. Kosheen return to the Academy (Manchester) next week.

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