21 Sep 2007

Newquay Day 4

Another fine breakfast got us off to a good start today. We treated ourselves yesterday as we passed back through the town to some "Weird Fish" clothing. We want to tackle the headland at the other side of Fistral Beach before we go to lunch at the Windswept Cafe today. It's a little cooler today thanks to quite a strong wind that's blown up overnight, though it's still warm when the sun breaks through. This means it's a surfer's delight on the beach today with some good looking swells and surf starting to build. We have both really loved the hotel, the food (especially the food), the landscape and the walking here and will probably return. We walk all the way out onto this rather empty headland that has a house perched right down at the bottom, it looks occupied though the pool area seems to be in need of repair. It looks a great place for an Agatha Christie mystery.

By the time we have made our way all the way around and back again to Fistral beach its time for lunch at the Windswept Cafe. I go for the Tagine of Lamb which is lovely and tender and Jack has a superb "baked squash with feta cheese and crumble" really delicious. A bottle of Rioja helps the lunchtime drift by and then its time to head off back to meet the taxi at the hotel.

The flight is due to leave at around 4pm so by getting to the airport for 2.30pm we should have plenty of time. On arrival at St Mawgan International airport (tongue in cheek) we discover our plane won't be arriving until "possibly" 8.15pm AAARRRGGGHHH! It appears BMI Baby, a) don't possess a fleet of planes that are in working order and b) don't have a back up plan when a plane develops a fault. Next time I'll fly Air Southwest. We are give £3 each to buy sandwiches from the cafe and that's about it, you would think an airport that only has to handle planes no larger than a 737 would at least have the requisite number of chairs in its terminal; but even this seems to be too much to ask. The rest of the day is spent watching all the air southwest flights leave on time and drinking tea!

Anyway here are some links to all the fantastic parts of this holiday, not including BMI Baby, starting with a link to the gallery as the blog seems to be rather temperamental in allowing the pictures to be clickable and expandable.

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