6 Nov 2007

In Transit

Well I'm sat here typing as the clock approaches four thirty am. What an ungodly hour to be listening to Alex Lestair on the radio whilst drinking tea and having weetabix.Still he's playing the new Krauss and Plant single from the new album that dropped through the mail last week and is worth a listen at any hour. Just time to say off we go then into the West. The joys of a 10 hour flight await (AAARRRGGGHH) but hopefully the rewards at the end will be worth it. They better! Next meal (not including the muck they throw at us on the plane) will be somewhere in California, see you soon.

1 comment:

Martin [Belgium] said...

Cant't wait to read your latest reports but I have one smallest complaint about this entry. There are no pictures of the quite stunning Jackie.

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