15 Nov 2007

Los Angeles - Anaheim - Day 1

I was prepared to give BMI the benefit of the doubt after our last experience with them flying the shortest haul possible to Newquay. I even rang them the night before we travelled following the precise instructions on the website to give our API information and check our seat allocations (BMI don't appear to have entered the 21st century yet and allow you to do this online). On arrival at the check in desk we are of course asked for our API information all over again, a process that doubles the time taken to check in. When we ask the check in assistant why I wasted half an hour on the phone giving them this information (as per their own instructions) she says the computers don't talk to each other at the call centre so it's a waste of time. We are given our boarding cards for this flight through to Vegas and the connection through to Los Angeles. Once through security and checking the departure board it's soon apparent that the flight is going to be about an hour late. We have yet to leave the ground and my impression of BMI is once again confirmed. We eventually board and its the usual monotonous flight over the Atlantic interrupted by some poor excuse for food. The flight was delayed due to a technical error. Do BMI ever service any of their planes?

Quick film review. Die hard 4.0 - laughable for all the wrong reasons, the die hard franchise now truly leaves the action genre and enters the slapstick comedy genre. Harry Potter (the last one) seen it before but passed the time. Seven (also seen before, who hasn't. BMIs excuse for showing old films is to call them classics) but it's a long time since I had last seen it and I had forgotten what a well crafted film this is.

Finally arrived in Vegas without picking up any lost time so had missed the connection. Good old TED got us on the next flight out two hours later and boarded us on time, and arrived at the gate at LAX early. However the jetway must have been operated by trained monkeys (I think that was the captains announcement) who couldn't get it to line up with the door despite attempts to ram the side of the plane. We are being sorely tested by airline travel today (or has two days passed).

Then we collected the car and Jackie is following the smooth Google Earth instructions to the Hojo on Harbor in Anaheim. Smooth check in, nice room with a view to restore my faith we are on holiday. Roll on tomorrow.

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Christina said...

I see you paid for the Matterhorn and park view, are the firworks clearly visible from here?

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